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Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1   Low Temp. 39
High Temp. 50
PHOTO Ice on Pond is 9" thick. Witch hazel in bloom. Robins eating berries of winterberry hollies; they usually do this when other fruits are all consumed.
2   Low Temp. 38
High Temp. 66
PHOTO Perhaps the first common grackle (male) of the year was seen near Lusitania Field this morning.
3   Low Temp. 44
High Temp. 55
PHOTO Mourning dove on nest in crabapple next to Little Fresh Pond. Catkins showing on aspens in Old Meadow area. Nuthatches seen in bonding flight.
4   Low Temp.38
High Temp.51
Aerators in the Reservoir were turned on yesterday.
5   Low Temp. 36
High Temp. 46
Silver Maple flower buds on trees near Black's Nook are open. Pussy willow catkins are showing.
6   Low Temp. 43
High Temp. 60
PHOTO Seventy common mergansers on the Pond--apparently migrating. A few days ago there were none.
7   Low Temp.36
High Temp.48
Yesterday the Pond was about half covered in ice--Today the ice is 90% gone. Silver Maple trees are in flower. Grass sprouting, Weir Meadow
8   Low Temp.30
High Temp.38
PHOTO It snowed all day and evening, accumulating only an inch or two. A killdeer was seen at Kingsley Park.
9   Low Temp. 30
High Temp. 34
PHOTO About 120 common mergansers on the Pond.
10   Low Temp. 30
High Temp. 40
Two Killdeer seen at Kingsley Park.
11   Low Temp. 32
High Temp. 47
PHOTO Ice Out on Fresh Pond. Black's Nook is still half-covered.
12   Low Temp. 31
High Temp. 51
PHOTO Clouds, then rain, then cold, then snow, then wind, and finally enough clearing for a pretty sunset.
13   Low Temp. 30
High Temp. 45
PHOTO About 200 common mergansers on the Pond.
14   Low Temp. 25
High Temp. 43
15   Low Temp. 38
High Temp. 52
PHOTO Ice 80% gone from Black's Nook.
16   Low Temp. 27
High Temp. 38
PHOTO Hooded Mergansers on Black's Nook. Snow begins 4pm.
17   Low Temp. 24
High Temp. 31
PHOTO Six inches of snow, a bit more to come. Mourning Dove still on nest. Common, Red-breasted, and Hooded Mergansers on the three bodies of water.
18   Low Temp. 26
High Temp. 28
19   Low Temp. 28
High Temp. 34
20   Low Temp. 27
High Temp. 42

Spring Equinox! Mourning cloak butterfly seen in Weir Meadow area

21   Low Temp. 38
High Temp. 50
22   Low Temp. 23
High Temp. 32

Mourning Dove near Little Fresh Pond is still on nest. Babies are either born or overdue. Cold and windy

23   Low Temp. 21
High Temp. 42
Cold and windy
24   Low Temp. 30
High Temp. 44
PHOTO 15 Hooded Mergansers on Black's Nook, a male Bufflehead and 4 Ring-necked Ducks on Fresh Pond.
25   Low Temp. 39
High Temp. 54
PHOTO Mourning dove is no longer on the nest. One white egg remains.
26   Low Temp. 44
High Temp. 67
PHOTO Moss reproductive structures visible. American elm buds are opening. Garlic mustard leaves visible.
27   Low Temp. 45
High Temp. 66
PHOTO New leaves of Garlic Mustard are appearing.
28   Low Temp. 36
High Temp. 47
29   Low Temp. 34
High Temp. 41
PHOTO Red Maple flowers are open: Look for bright red tree twigs with small red flowers. Eastern phoebe and tree swallow seen.
30   Low Temp. 33
High Temp. 40
31   Low Temp. 37
High Temp. 41
Much-needed rain all afternoon and evening - 0.7 inches.