Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 27, 2013

Attending: Susan Agger, Laura Baring-Gould, Carol Benoit-Reynolds, Suzanna Black, Richard Bosel, Janet Burns, Robert Chew, Susan Cooldige, Julie Croston, Lance Drane, Susan Kaufman, Justin Kreth, Lore Levitt, Chris McKay, Betsy Meyer, Lawrence Millman, Herb Pearce, Squizzle Plekavich, Elizabeth Wylde, Ann ____, John____

After participants enjoyed a fine potluck supper, Elizabeth Wylde called the annual meeting to order. She summarized the year's accomplishments, focusing on stewardship projects carried out by Friends group members - especially the Woodland Restoration Project and the Woodland Habitat Restoration Project.

Rebecca Ramsay then read "An Invitation to Stewardship" describing some of the beautiful sights one may see while removing invasive weeds at the Reservation. Suzanna Black read the Treasurer's report. Then Susan Coolidge asked people at each table to discuss and write down ideas for new programs. After a few minutes the whole group shared ideas, which were recorded by Suzanna Black as follows:

Bird migration: how they do it; differences in now and in the past?
Water: physics of how it works, ground water and aquifers, movement in watersheds; important current water issues. Susan Agger? Herb Pearce's friend?
Review of the Citizen Science project at Black's Nook, Andy Hrcznya?
Phenology and Climate Change (compare with Thoreau's dates)
Tree ID in different seasons
Trip to Harbor Islands
Insects, Tom Murray?
Moth night
Nocturnal insect night
Pruning lessons, Pamela?
Sampling and monitoring over time, Susan A.
Photos of Fresh Pond Reservation and an Art Show to share with residents, Susan K.
Program about bird nests
Geology of Fresh Pond area, Suzanna working on this
History of the ice industry
How changes in the city of Camb. affect local wildlife (ie construction along Rt. 2)
How to get children and families from Rindge area and new apts. to Fresh Pond Res.
Photography, theory and practice
Photography for children
What's different or missing from Reservation environment, people's memories of then and now, Laura B.G.

Next, Betsy Meyer gave out raffle tickets, and everyone present was invited to take a raffle prize.

Finally, Carol Benoit-Reynalds conducted a candle-lighting ceremony during which we each lit a candle and shared what we like or love about the Reservation and the Friends group. The pot containing all of the lighted candles was then carried outside, where we watched them flicker in the breeze, then together blew them out.

Elizabeth Wylde
January 31, 2013