June 10, 2010
Bringing Nature Home: A Lecture by Doug Tallamy
Cambridge Public Library
Left Photo - Doug Tallamy (on left in white shirt) speaks to Claudia Thompson (black and white stripped blouse) who is the founder of Grow Native Cambridge. The table of The Friends of the Cambridge Public Library is on the right. Several organizations working together made this event happen. These organizations include Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation, Friends of Mt. Auburn Cemetary, Friends of The Cambridge Public Library, Grow Native Cambridge, and The Somerville Garden Club.
Right Photo - The lecture was held in the auditorium of Cambridge's Main Library and was well attended. This photo was taken about one half hour prior to the start of the lecture. About 190 people attended.

Doug Tallamy's entertaining and informative lecture explained why it is essential to grow native plants (vs alien - not native to a given geographical area) in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Horticulturalists are trained to use non-native plants. This is not ecologically good. In fact, it is an ecological disaster. Some alien plants will become invasive over time, (there is no way to predict which ones when they are introduced.) In addition, alien plants have brought insects and diseases which have destroyed native plant populations (like sudden death oak disease). This, and other important information is in the book Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy.
Description and Photo by Carol Collura
Photos © Carol Collura 2010