December 18, 2006
                        Twig Identification Contest

Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation challenges pond-walkers to identify some or all of the 32 real twigs on a twig chart in the Cambridge Water Department building's Ranger Station, which can be accessed through the door under the clock tower.

You can win a Winter Tree Finder guide by May and Tom Watts if you identify 10 of the twigs. If you identify all of them you will also receive a free one-year membership in Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation.

Participants can take home the "answer sheet" with all of the names of the trees represented on the chart, a photocopy of the chart, and a Twig Identification chart.

Completed answer sheets can be left in the box next to the twig chart. If you prefer to submit your answers online, you can e-mail and receive the list in an email.