December 4, 2005
"Shifting Patterns, Shifting Significance"
The Design and Social History of the Fresh Pond Area
in the 19th Century
Landscape historian Jill Sinclair (standing in front of screen) took an enthusiastic audience of 50 on a historical tour of the activities at Fresh Pond and Mount Auburn Cemetery in the 1800's. By vividly describing characters and events; and using images of maps, drawings, photos, and a movie, she made this vibrant era come alive.

Twenty copies of her report, "Shifting Patterns, Shifting Significance: the Design and Social History of Fresh Pond Reservation, Cambridge, MA" were given to the winners of a free raffle.

Everyone received a photocopy of maps of Fresh Pond and Mt. Auburn, which can be downloaded below.

MAP: Some Nineteenth Century Landmarks in the Fresh Pond Area
MAP: Mount Auburn Cemetery-Notable Residents Associated with Fresh Pond