Bird Swerves

Blackbird called Redwinged

                                                    and I


           startle when I stand and turn;


Bird expertly 

                     swerves, flies on

but I


spend a few thousand mind moments

stopped and blank.


Now please don't think

              I've never seen that red wingstripe before.

I have, of course. Once I


and a female

                           Redwing hoped to mate with

              were even treated to a whole

intentional display. Spreading for sex


Bird hopped

            at my feet


                          and wouldn't get out of the way. See see see

my nice stripe!

                         he urgently said.


             "I do,"

                       I said,

                                     "if that's any help";

but this




was unearthly, not endearing.


I could only take it in


                           as the mind, it seems,

knows its own intentions


only after a delay

            the hand reaching for the glass

before the brain has been apprised.


            (They've proven this on MRI's.)


I was surprised surprised.

People, too, can take your breath away:


talent in a proven fool

betrayal by a love.



you have to swerve

                                       way fast

                 or crash the whole damn truck.


                Linda Bamber